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Job Opportunities


The Town of Snow Lake is in search of an Emergency Coordinator. This position is a volunteer position. Duties of this position include but are not limited to:

- Respond to the EOC and coordinate the emergency response.
- Prepare and coordinate emergency plans and programs.
- Determine if municipal resources are adequate or if additional resources are needed.
- Recommend, when required, that assistance be requested from the provincial or federal government.
- Take such actions as necessary to minimize the effects of an emergency or disaster on the Town and its residents.
- Keep Mayor, Council and Chief Administrative Officer informed of developments as they occur. 
- Ensure all directions from the Mayor and Council are carried out. 
- Maintain a log of all actions taken.
- Conduct an Emergency Control Group debriefing after emergencies and initiate recommended procedural changes.
- Ensure annual updating of the emergency plan.
- Ensure Emergency exercises are carried out twice annually.
- Ensure the public is informed annually as to warning and evacuation procedures.
- Ensure that the Local Emergency Response Control Group has respite plans for all sectors.
- Supervise the Local Emergency Response Control Group.

If you are interested in this position, please inform the Town of Snow Lake. Our telephone number is 204-358-2551, and our Chief Administrative Officer Alexander Fisher's e-mail address is Thank you!