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The charge for a plot is $500.00, which includes the interment of either one (1) casket or one (1) urn. The charge for the placement of each additional urn shall be $150.00.
Graves and urn placement shall be dug and interment made only under the direction of the Administrator. A minimum of two (2) business days (48 hours) prior notice is required.
Cremation urns shall be placed in a rough box at a depth of two (2) feet.
Grave covers and/or adornments not attached to a headstone will not be allowed.


Existing Cemetery

Reference By-Law 963/18


Burials in a single plot will be limited to one (1) only casket, two (2) only cremations, or two (2) cremations on top of a casket.


Headstone size shall be limited to two (2) feet high and three (3) feet wide.

New Cemetery

Burials will be single plot limited to one (1) casket and/or four (4) cremation urns. If the initial placement is an urn, future placement of a casket will not be permitted.


Plot size shall be six feet by nine (6 x 9) feet.


The base of headstones shall be limited to 20" x 60" with one (1) headstone allowed per plot. There are no headstone height restrictions.


The headstone and any other adornments must be placed on the runner, and total must not exceed 60".


All other regulations of By-Law 963/18 will apply.


The charge for a columbarium spot is $1,000.00. For a niche door cast bronze plaque, the charge is $450.00. The charge for each additional urn is $150.00. 

Niches shall hold only one or two cremations. Niches are designed to fit two standard size urns. The inside niche dimensions are 12.5 inches x 12.5 inches x 14 inches. 

Lettering styles are restricted to the Bronze Program as prescribed by the Town. Please contact the Town Office for ordering a bronze plaque. 

Epitaphs are not allowed. 

Attachments such as bronze flower holders are not permitted. 

All other regulations of By-Law 963/18 will apply.

For further information please call the Town Office (204) 358-2551 or email