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History of the Town

Elm Street in the 1950's1896 Federal geological survey in Snow Lake-Wekusko area

1913 Gold discovered on the east shores of Wekusko Lake

1916 Jack Nutt pours first gold brick on east shore of Herb Lake

1917-1945 Rex Mines, later Lagoona Gold Mines, produced 7,000 ounces of gold

1925 Christopher Parres discovers gold in Snow Lake area, which was staked in 1927, and later the town grew up in this area

1947 June 2; Local Government District of Snow Lake formed

1947 The Hudson Bay opened their first store, and Howe Sound constructed a dormitory and dining hall, 43 residences, a staff house, an eight bed hospital, a four room school house, curling rink, and the community hall

1949 Howe Sound began producing gold at the Nor-Acme Gold mine; first bar poured April 22, 1949; closed 1958

1949 saw 100 residences, two general stores, a hardware store, fuel and building supplies outlet, a bank, a hotel, a café, and a transport company

1948 September 1; Snow Lake Post Office opened with Douglas Drummond as the first Postmaster

1951 Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd. started exploring the area around Snow Lake

1954 Snow Lake's population 654

1958 Howe Sound closes gold mine

1958 An agreement was finalized by which HBM&S would purchase a number of Howe Sound Mining Company assets, including the power transmitting line, the Community Hall, Curling Rink, a 7-room hospital and a school house

1959 An agreement was finalized with the Manitoba Government and the Local District of Snow Lake regarding operation of the town site. A resident Administrator was appointed by the Manitoba Government, and a seven man Advisory Board was elected by ratepayers.

1960 September; Chisel Lake Mine (zinc) opened by Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting Co. Ltd.

1960 Paved highway to connect Snow Lake to PTH #10 completed

After a fire destroyed the original curling rink, a new one was built including an indoor Rifle Range.

1962 the Wilfred T. Lipton Hockey Rink was built. Both had the luxury of artificial ice.

1964 February; Stall Lake Mine opened, closed March 1994 (HBMS)

1966-1967 In winter, a new, modern, 20-classroom school was built to replace the 4-room school house.

1967 A full-size stage was added to the community hall as the Town's centennial year projects. Presently this stage is still being used by the citizens of Snow Lake and traveling production.

1968 July; Osborne Lake Mine opened; closed July 1983 (HBMS)

1968 November; Anderson Lake Mine opened; closed June 1988 (HBMS)

1970's HBMS constructed 35 residences in the Sunset Bay Subdivision

1972 October; Ghost Lake opened; closed May 1988 (HBMS)

1973-1978 60-lot trailer court was built in the Sunset Bay Subdivision

1974-1975 Two 16-unit apartments blocks were built, and later a 24-unit and a 48-unit apartment block were added

1976 L.G.D. of Snow Lake incorporated as the Town of Snow Lake on September 21, 1976


1981 December; Spruce Point Mine opened December; closed June 1992 (HBMS)

1984 March; Rod Mine opened; closed September 1991 (HBMS)

1985 Construction of a new RCMP office was completed, as well as residences for the officers stationed in Snow Lake.

1988 December; Chisel Pit Mine opened; closed February 1994 (HBMS)

1995 New Britannia Mine (was Nor-Acme) reopened by High River and Kinross; closed January 2005

1995 September; Snow Lake Mill and Concentrator reopened; closed May 2009 (HBMS); reopened in 2010

1995 September; Photo Lake Mine opened; closed 2000 (HBMS)

2001 Chisel North Mine opened; closed February 2009 (HBMS); reopened 2010

2005 January; New Britannia Mine put on care and maintenance

2010 April; Alexis Minerals purchases New Britannia Gold Mine and renames it Snow Lake Mine

2010 Chisel North Mine and Concentrator Mill reopened (HBMS)

2010 Lalor zinc mine construction started in fall. Initial production scheduled to begin in 2012 (Hudbay Minerals)