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Aurora BorealisAurora Borealis

Webster’s Dictionary defines the Aurora Borealis as a luminous phenomena of electrical/solar origin which is seen at night in the northern sky, known as the northern lights. As seen in Snow Lake, the aurora borealis can vary in colour from green to pink to almost red. Their intensity is matched only by their beauty. It is important to note that some people claim to be able to hear the northern lights – try it yourself!

Aboriginal Petrographs

Petrographs may be defined as an art form of ancient origin done on rock. The Tramping Lake petrographs are estimated to be 1,500 - 3,000 years old. They depict hunting scenes and some of the flora and fauna of their time. They are definitely a highlight of the Snow Lake area.

The petrographs may be seen via a short boat or canoe trip from the Wekusko Falls Lodge, south along the Grass River for 11 kilometres (7 miles), until reaching the west shore of Tramping Lake.

Colours of Fall

The forest surrounding Snow Lake is a beautiful mixture of deciduous and coniferous trees. As the season turns to autumn, the leaves turn the wildest hues that can be imagined. Some of the most spectacular sunsets can be viewed from the public beach area as the trees on the islands of Snow Lake turn their various shades which are reflected in the water.

Ghost Town

Herb Town, located on Wekusko Lake, was once a thriving mining town of over 800 people. The mine shut down and the town was abandoned, practically overnight, leaving everything behind. Unfortunately, weather and time have destroyed most of the old town. Herb Town can be reached via boat, traveling 15 minutes east from the Wekusko Falls provincial boat launch.

Wekusko Falls

The falls are located 10 minutes south of Snow Lake town site on the historic Grass River between Tramping Lake and Wekusko Lake. The falls are accessible from Provincial Road #392. A provincial wayside park, complete with 2 suspension bridges, jogging paths an over 100 sites can be enjoyed when visiting the spectacular falls.

Some of the area’s best fishing takes place in or near the falls. In addition, naturalists marvel over the clarity and purity of the water.


The topography and latitude of Snow Lake combine to produce truly beautiful sunsets, and incredible scenes can be viewed from the public beach at Snow Lake.