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Utility - Water & Sewer

How is the Utility Bill calculated?

The water charge is based on the amount of water you use as measured by the water meter.
The sewer portion is based on the amount of water you use since most of the water ends up as sewage.
The measurement is in cubic meters.
The money is used to collect, transport and treat the water and sewage so that they meet all government guidelines for potable water and sewage disposal.
Please contact the Town office at (204) 358-2551 for the current rate for water and sewer. The service charge is billed every quarter, and it covers customer service, billing, postage and upkeep of the service.

What to do if moving?

Prior to vacating the premises, please make arrangements for a final meter reading to be done. To make these arrangements please stop in at the town office or call (204) 358-2551.
We will require a disconnection date and a forwarding address so we can send on the final bill.

What to do if a new resident?

Prior to moving into the premises, please make arrangements to have an account set up. To make these arrangements please stop in at the town office or phone (204) 358-2551. We will require your full name, physical address, mailing address, phone number, and date of connection.
Outline of rights and responsibilities with respect to the water and sewer service:
  • Water meters and automatic reading devices shall at all times be accessible to authorized town employees, so that they may examine, read, inspect and repair as required.

  • Each owner shall keep his own water service pipe, bronze ball valve and other fixtures on his own premises and between such premises and his property line (or the street line, including the connection to that part of the service within the town street) in good order and repair at his own risk and expense.

  • Each owner shall protect his water and sewer service from frost by either requesting the installation of an aqua-flo unit, or in special circumstances sending a written request to council for approval to bleed.

  • It is an offense for any unauthorized person to tamper, change or by-pass a meter. Said person, owner and/or occupant may be prosecuted in a Court of Law.

  • If a meter is damaged by frost, or from any other cause , the town may repair or replace the meter, and all charges for repairing or replacing the meter shall be paid by the owner/occupier of the premises in which the meter is situated.

  • The owner/occupier shall notify the town as soon as he becomes aware of breakage or stoppage or irregularity in a water meter.

  • The town shall read meters on a quarterly basis. Accounts shall be billed quarterly and be due and payable up to 30 days after the DATE of billing. Penalties at a rate of 1.25% per month shall be levied on all accounts remaining unpaid after the aforementioned period.

  • When a meter is found not to be in proper working order, or a meter reading is not obtained the amount of water consumed will be estimated for that quarter or any other period, based on the amount of water consumed during the time the meter was working. This estimate shall be the basis for billing the consumer for water used.

  • The council of the town of Snow Lake may, by resolution, adjust the water bill of any person who makes a written request before council to adjust their water bill.

  • Utility bills can be paid by: telephone/internet banking at the RBC and CIBC; in person at the town office or the RBC. We CANNOT accept credit card payments of any kind.

  • In the case of a dispute arising over the accuracy or correctness of any meter reading and a request is made to have the meter checked, the town will comply with said request. The meter will receive an independent check and if the accuracy varies by more than 3% thereby creating an over-charge to the premises, the town will bear all costs involved. If the check reveals the meter is working within 3% of accuracy, then all costs shall be borne by the property where from the request was made.


  • In Canada the average family of four persons consumes 35 cubic meters (7,900 gallons) of water per month.

  • Your water meter reads in cubic meters. 1 cubic meter = 220.1 gallons.

  • You can monitor your water use by reading and writing your meter reading do at a set time of day. Read and write the meter reading down at the same time the next day. The difference between the readings is your water consumption for the 24 hour period. To detect leaks you turn off all water fixtures, including humidifiers, air conditioners, and ice makers. After all water fixtures have been turned off go to your water meter and watch the flow indicator. If the red triangle is moving, you have a leak.